Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology


Our Centre has a comprehensive suite of facilities and capabilities that allows us to observe, measure and analyse the systems underpinning life in a variety of hosts. We can also iteratively design, build and test synthetic constructs in a variety of host cells. We generate data that can then be used to develop and refine models of biological systems, across scales, which in turn leads to more accurate design of synthetic constructs.

We have a range of specialist facilities available including:

Edinburgh Genome Foundry: A BBSRC-funded automated platform to assemble DNA up to chromosome size.

EdinOmics: A resource for quantitative biochemistry offering mass spec, high-throughput qRT-PCR, surface plasmon resonance and microcalorimetry.

Laser Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP): High-throughput imaging of live cells in-situ with laser-mediated cell processing capabilities.

Single Cell Analysis and Microscopy: A range of novel microscopy and image processing techniques including bespoke microfluidics, confocal microscopy (OperaTM system), optical imaging and cryo/electron microscopy.

Plant Phenomics: Tissue culture and biological containment, controlled growth environments and plant stem cell cultures.

Data Management and Models: Innovative data analysis combined with mechanistic modelling, network theory and robust data management.

Chemical Translational Biology: Miniaturised drug discovery platforms including single bead analysis, single molecule scanning and single cell micro spectroscopy.