Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology


Seminar - Laura Machesky, 10 Nov 2016

Prof Laura Machesky (Beatson Institute, Glasgow)

Positive and negative regulation of the actin machinery for migration and invasion

Special Seminar - 28 Oct 2016

Coding potential in noncoding RNA regions of the mammalian genome
Yasunori Aizawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Synthesis of long DNA up to 50 kb by 2nd generation OGAB method
Kenji Tsuge (Kobe University)

Open Centre Meeting - 27 Oct 2016


‘CL4W: Cleaning Land for Wealth using synthetic biology’ - Matt Edmundson (PDRA, Horsfall group, Biological Sciences)

‘Governance of Place, Science and Innovation - Whither the role of Higher Education in the UK city-regions?’ - Fumi Kitagawa (Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & innovation, Business School)

Seminar - Sabina Leonelli, 27 Oct 2016

Dr. Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter)

How to Transform a Project into a Research Community? A Philosophical Perspective on Scientific Change and Collaborative Research 

Open Centre Meeting - 6 Oct 2016


‘The dynamic signatures of eukaryotic signalling pathways’  - Dr Julian Pietsch (Swain Lab, Biological Sciences)

‘Improving the investigation of DNA Origami self-assembly with high throughput Methods’ - Fabian Schneider (Visiting student, Cai Lab, Biological Sciences)

Seminar - Sven van Teeffelen - 6 Oct 2016

Sven van Teeffelen (Institute Pasteur)

Regulation of cell size and shape in bacteria

Open Centre Meeting - 22 Sept 2016


Chris Mellingwood (PhD student, Calvert Group, Social & Political Sciences) -  ’Understanding the place of automation in UK synthetic biology: Perspectives on robotics and the doing of biosciences research’

Simone Dimartino (Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering) – '3D printing of ordered structures: is that any good to my research?'

Seminar: Francsico Antequera on 22 Sept 2016

Francisco Antequera
The Institute of Functional Biology and Genomics (IBFG) Salamanca (Spain)

Nucleosome positioning in vivo driven by the DNA sequence

Open Centre Meeting - 8 Sept 2016

Roy Walker (Patrick Cai lab, Biological Sciences) - 'Designing, Building and Characterising a tRNA Neochromosome'
Visiting will be Jeremy Shears, Global Manager - Innovation & New Energies, Biodomain, Shell Projects & Technology - ‘Shell's thinking in terms of far distant R&D challenges reacting to the future of energy’

Seminar - Hiroki Ueda on 26th August 2016

Hiroki R. Ueda
Systems Pharmacology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Laboratory for Synthetic Biology, Quantitative Biology Center, RIKEN
Toward Organism-level Systems Biology in Mammals
~Whole-body and whole-organ clearing and imaging with single-cell resolution~