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SynthSys Seminar - Shimshon Belkin on 29 Nov 2018

Bacterial bioreporters for the remote detection of buried landmines
Shimshon Belkin (Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

SynthSys Seminar - Ivan Matic on 15 Nov 2018

Transcription-translation coupling: The Achilles’ heel of the bacterial chromosome 
 Ivan Matic (Inserm,  Paris Descartes University)

SynthSys Seminar - Alma dal Co on 1 Nov 2018

Bacteria live in a small world: how local cell-to-cell interactions drive community-level dynamics 
Alma dal Co (Martin Ackermann lab, ETH Zurich)

Edinburgh's first Cafe Synthetique

On 9th of October, researchers from Biology, Informatics and Engineering hosted Edinburgh’s first Café Synthetique event. This monthly event aims to address the lack of public and informal events for those curious about Synthetic Biology.

Professor Andrew Millar appointed Scotland’s CSA for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

Photo of Andrew Millar

Professor Andrew Millar, previously Director of Edinburgh’s Centre for System Biology (2007-2012) and SynthSys, has been appointed as the Scottish Government's Chief Scientific Adviser for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture (ENRA).

Doors Open day attracts more visitors

The University’s Doors Open event attracted even greater numbers with thousands braving the lively Scottish autumn weather to explore the science going on at the King’s Buildings Campus.

Open Centre Meeting - 25 Oct 2018

Linus Schumacher (Computational Biologist Chancellor’s Fellow, Centre for Regenerative Medicine) - ‘Computational modelling of cell populations in development & regeneration’
Ben Goddard  (Lecturer, School of Mathematics) - 'Complex Multiscale Modelling'         

SynthSys Seminar - Lucia Marucci on 11 Oct 2018

Modelling and engineering dynamic regulations in stem cells
Dr Lucia Marucci (Bristol Centre for Synthetic Biology (BrisSynBio); University of Bristol)

Open Centre Meeting - 11 Oct 2018

iGEM UG team  - 'Maxed OOT: A safe and minimalistic chassis for future use in synthetic biology' 
Andrew Burd (Consultant in Synthetic Biology to Hanson Robotics) - ‘Synthetic Biology or the Synthesis of Biology - who dares to dream?’

SynthSys Seminar - George Espie on 28 Sept 2018

The flux of carbon through the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism
George S Espie (Department of Biology, University of Toronto, Canada)