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SynthSys seminar - Chris Howe on 19 April 2018

Manipulating algae and plants for direct electricity production
Chris Howe, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

SynthSys Seminar - Chris Barnes on 12 April 2018

Controlling synthetic biological systems at the plasmid and population level
Chris Barnes (UCL)

Open Centre Meeting - 5 April 2018

Identification of key effectors that dictate MRSA virulence
Stuart McKellar (PhD student, Granneman Lab, School of Biological Sciences)
Robustness of microtubule cytoskeleton self-organization in Drosophila epithelia
Dr Lyuba Chumakova (Research Fellow, School of Mathematics)

International workshop to discuss unmet needs in ‘design-build-test’ for synbio

In little over a decade, synthetic biology has evolved from demonstrating proof-of-concept gene circuits in bacteria to developing a new class of therapeutic devices (theranostics).

Tapping bacterial survival strategies for ocean navigation

Funding to understand how bacteria swim to stay alive could lead to the development of bacterial ‘biosensors’ to help the U.S. Navy navigate at sea.

New user-friendly DNA assembly toolkit

The development of a more versatile, simple and efficient DNA assembly kit will offer researchers unlimited ways of building complex molecular constructs by combining different DNA parts.

SynthSys Seminar - Carmen Manas on 5 Apr 2018

Synthetic adhesins to target engineered E. coli to human tumors expressing EGFR and importance of flagella in adhesion
Carmen Manas (Spanish National Center for Biotechnology)

Open Centre Meeting - 22 March 2018

Genetic Therapies from Synthetic Biology
Dr Ralph Hector  (Research Fellow, Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain (SIDB), The Patrick Wild Centre, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)
Technology Transfer - support for commercialisation of Intellectual property
Dr Shona Cunningham (Technology Transfer Manager, Edinburgh Innovations Ltd, University of Edinburgh)

Painting with light-powered bacteria

Dr Teuta Pilizota, a PI in the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, is part of a research team who have used genetically modified bacteria to produce light-induced patterns as a potential route for engineering smart materials.

Synthsys Seminar - Prof Karsten Kruse on 22 Mar 2018

Signal transduction by the conventional Protein Kinase Cα
Prof Karsten Kruse (University of Geneva)