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Ethiopia explores synbio for vaccines

Birhanu Hurisa visits TIBA

In its continued efforts to develop international collaborations, the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology hosted Mr Birhanu Hurisa, co-director of the Vaccines Directorate of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) based in Addis Ababa.

Prestigious government appointment for Prof Tait

Photo of Prof Joyce Tait

Professor Joyce Tait, Director of Innogen and a member of Edinburgh synthetic biology research centres, has been made a member of the UK Government’s Science and Technology Council.

SynthSys Seminar - Dr Velia Siciliano on 23 Nov 2017

Designing new tools for synthetic biology in mammalian cells
Velia Siciliano (Imperial College London)

Guest Synthego Seminar on 17 Nov 2017

Advancing CRISPR Methods with Synthetic sgRNA

Join Kevin Holden, PhD – Head of Synthetic Biology at Synthego – to learn about CRISPR applications for advanced genome editing, advantages to synthetic sgRNA and how to maximize the success of your CRISPR experiments.

SynthSys Seminar - Prof Kevin Foster on 14 Nov 2017

Cooperation and competition in microbes: from model systems to the microbiome
Kevin Foster (University of Oxford)

SynthSys Seminar - Prof Martha Clokie on 9 Nov 2017

The dynamics of bacteriophages associated with gut microbiota
Martha Clokie (University of Leicester)

Open Centre Meeting - 26 October 2017

Talks by

Edinburgh iGEM UG 2017 team
SMORE: a Site-specific Modular Toolkit for Recombination
Neil Dalchau (Biological Computation research group at Microsoft Research Cambridge)
Programming Biology: Computing with DNA and Patterning with Synthetic Gene Circuits

SynthSys Seminar - Dr David Lea-Smith on 26 Oct 2017

Understanding and manipulating cyanobacteria, a phylum of environmental and biotechnological importance
David Lea-Smith (University of East Anglia)

Open Centre Meeting - 12 Oct 2017

Talks by

 Andreas Andreou (PhD student,  Nakayama Group, Biological Sciences)

Mobius Assembly: a versatile Golden-Gate framework towards universal DNA assembly             

Hille Tekotte (Manager, Edinburgh Genome Foundry)

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry: Helping you write and analyse DNA

SynthSys Seminar - Prof Arezki Boudaoud on 12 Oct 2017

Stochasticity and robustness in plant morphogenesis
 Arezki Boudaoud (RDP, ENS Lyon)