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Building towards scalability and complexity in synthetic gene circuits

December 16th 2015

Our ability to build large and complex gene circuits is hampered by a paucity of well-characterised orthogonal components. Dr Baojun Wang has been awarded a BBSRC grant to help address this challenge by developing an expanded library of versatile orthogonal genetic building blocks.

Opening the door on iron ‘megastores’

December 15th 2015

Iron is an essential cofactor in nearly 10% of all enzymes because of its ability to participate in oxidoreduction reactions. However, this can be detrimental for cells when iron reacts with the products of aerobic metabolism to produce radicals that can damage proteins, lipids and DNA. Cells use a family of proteins called ferritins, which form nanocages to oxidise and safely store iron.

Industrial Partnership Award for metal reclamation

December 15th 2015

Dr Louise Horsfall was a recent recipient of a BBSRC Industrial Partnership Award (IPA) with Diageo – a global leading company in beverage alcohol – to use microbes to reclaim metals from industrial waste.

Team to create a molecular toolbox to boost cyanobacterial pigment production

Cyanobacteria (Creative Commons)

December 7th 2015

SynthSys PIs Dr Alistair McCormick and Br Baojun Wang are joining forces with Scottish SME Scottish Bioenergy to develop a toolkit to boost the production of commercially valuable pigments from cyanobacteria.

SynthSys Seminar - Prof Jiandong Huang on 18 December 2015

Prof. Jiandong Huang (University of Hong Kong)
Synthetic Patterns: Sequential Establishment of Stripe Patterns in an Expanding Cell Population

Host: Baojun Wang

Time: 12noon
Location: Waddington seminar room 1.08

Open Centre Meeting - 10 December 2015

Talks by

Hannah Taylor (PhD student, el Karoui Lab, Biological Sciences) -  ‘Illuminating Gene Expression- Quantitative fluorescence imaging of mRNA and protein in single E. coli cells’

Matt Watson (Postdoctoral Fellow, Cockroft Group, School of Chemistry) - 'An Autonomous Transmembrane Reciprocating Nanoactuator'      

Time: 9.30am-10.30am
Location: Waddington seminar room 1.08

SynthSys Seminar - 26th November 2015

Sebastian Maerkl (Laboratory of Biological Network Characterization, EPFL)
Cell-Free Synthetic Biology

Host: Patrick Cai

Time: 12noon
Location: Waddington seminar room 1.08

Special SynthSys Seminar - 19 November 2016

We will be joined by two speakers

Nanometres to Metres - Scale Up Manufacturing Methods
Dr Jining Sun, Assistant Professor (School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Functional Fluidics and Its Applications
Dr Jin Xuan, Assistant Professor (School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Time: 12noon
Location: C.H Waddingotn Seminar room 1.08

Open Centre Meeting - 12th November 2015

Talks by
Luis Montano (PhD student, Swain Group, Biological Siences) - 'Processing of dynamic signals by the glucose-sensing network in budding yeast'
Hamish Todd (PhD Student, Goryachev Group, Biological Sciences) - 'Four beautiful models of virus structure'
Time: 9.30am -10.30am
Location: Waddington 1.08/1.09

Scottish synbio takes off

SynthSys has been keen to promote synthetic biology in Scotland and have been working with Scottish Enteprise’s Life and Chemical Sciences team and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre to do this.