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Open Centre Meeting - 1st June 2017

Talks by

Dirk Kleinjan (PDRA, Rosser group, School of Biological Sciences) -

'Drug-tunable multi-directional Synthetic Gene Control using Inducible Degron-tagged dCas9 Effectors'

Sara Buonomo (Lecturer of Epigenetics, School of Biological Sciences) -

'The late identity'

Seminar - Thomas Howard on 25th May 2017

Navigating biological complexity: application of design of experiments methodology to metabolic engineering and synthetic gene networks.

Thomas Howard
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Newcastle University.

SynBioBlog: Building Human Artificial Chromosomes on the other side of the world

“I am just off to Japan to do some experiments.” This was the easiest way I could explain to my family that I was going to Japan to learn how to synthesize artificial chromosomes.

SAW Trust inspires for second year

tie dye art work in the class

On April 21st, SynthSys welcomed Jenni Rant and the SAW Training team back to Edinburgh for our second annual training event bringing their innovative approach to teaching science to children using the power of words and pictures.

Foundry welcomes VIP visitors from Japan

Japan visitors in the Foundry

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry and School of Biological Sciences were delighted to host a VIP visit from fourteen delegates from Japanese academia, industry and government on Thursday April 27th.

Evolutionary resilience makes for better bioproduction

high re image of yeast

SynthSys member Dr Matteo Cavaliere and colleagues have recently published a mini-review discussing why the evolutionary resilience of microbial communities should be considered when designing robust biotechnological applications.

Contemplating the social dimensions of Sc2.0

Sc2.0 project logo

Dr Jane Calvert and Dr Erica Szymanski have published a blog on PLOS Synbio exploring how the Synthetic Yeast project provokes new questions around the social ramifications of this major endeavor.

SynBioBlog: What can synbio do for next-generation biologics?

Biologics pretty much sweep the leader board for money-making drugs globally. They are also excellent medicines, offering relief for millions of patients with chronic and often life limiting diseases. So what does synthetic biology have to offer this therapeutic success story?

Open Centre Meeting - 4th May 2017


Eric Thorand (Nakayama & Pilizota Groups, Biological Sciences) - Microfluidic platform for mechano-chemical investigations of single plant cells
Dr Susie Sou (Rosser Group, Biological Sciences) - CRISPR-Cas based synthetic transcription factors: A strategy for improving bioproduction in CHO cells

Seminar - Dr Martyn Dade-Robertson on 20 April 2017

Dr Martyn Dade-Robertson
Newcastle University

Growing Buildings with Bacteria: An Architects approach to Synthetic Biology