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Open Centre Meeting - 29 June 2017

Talks by

Peter Reid (Peter Reid (Planning & Communications Project Manager, College Engagement Team)
Grant applications and public engagement
Tilo Kunath (Chancellor's Fellow, School of Biological Sciences)
Next-generation cell therapies for Parkinson’s disease

Parasitology a focus for new collaborations

Centre members braved biblical summer floods on a trip to Aberystwyth to discuss how synthetic biology tools and technologies might shine some light on the remaining challenges in parasitology.

Seminar - Francesca Cesari on 27 June 2017

Science publishing - behind the scenes at Nature
Francesca Cesari
Chief Biological Sciences Editor at Nature

Seminar - Victor de Lorenzo on 22 June 2017

What transcriptional noise tells us about the cell inside

Professor Víctor de Lorenzo
National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid

Open Centre Meeting - 15 June 2017

Talks by

Elisa Pesenti  (PDRA, Earnshaw Group School of Biological Sciences) -
Using synthetic chromosomes to study centromere epigenetics in human cells
Rosalind Allen (Lecturer, School of Physics) -
Growing bacteria in small microfluidic droplets

Pragmatic approach to responsible innovation proposed

Photo of Prof Joyce Tait

A study proposes a radical new approach to the responsible development of innovative products, processes and services by companies and organisations operating in the bioeconomy and related industry sectors.

Seminar - Jean-Baptiste Lugagne.on 7 June 2017

Real-time control of a genetic toggle switch

Jean-Baptiste Lugagne
CRI, Paris

Open Centre Meeting - 1st June 2017

Talks by

Dirk Kleinjan (PDRA, Rosser group, School of Biological Sciences) -

'Drug-tunable multi-directional Synthetic Gene Control using Inducible Degron-tagged dCas9 Effectors'

Sara Buonomo (Lecturer of Epigenetics, School of Biological Sciences) -

'The late identity'

Seminar - Thomas Howard on 25th May 2017

Navigating biological complexity: application of design of experiments methodology to metabolic engineering and synthetic gene networks.

Thomas Howard
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Newcastle University.

SynBioBlog: Building Human Artificial Chromosomes on the other side of the world

“I am just off to Japan to do some experiments.” This was the easiest way I could explain to my family that I was going to Japan to learn how to synthesize artificial chromosomes.