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Big promises from micro technologies – MicroTas2016 Report

Microfluidics is moving mainstream and with such a wide variety of potential application is the perfect research tool for synthetic and systems biology.

SynthSys Seminar - Luke Mackinder, 8 Dec 2016

Luke Mackinder (University of York)

A repeat protein links Rubisco to form the eukaryotic carbon concentrating organelle

Open Centre Meeting - 24 Nov 2016


‘House of blue light’
Dr Alazne Dominguez (Research Fellow, Davies Lab, Centre for Integrative Physiology)
Marking the onset of respiration’
Manuel Lenz (RA, Swain Lab, Biological Sciences)

Foundry establishes Executive Board

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry specialises in the assembly of large DNA fragments, using a highly automated platform.

Exploring Grand Challenges in China

In early November, members of SynthSys headed to Shenzhen (China) to participate in the 11th International Genomes Conference and run a satellite workshop to explore the ‘grand challenges’ for our planet that could be addressed with synthetic biology.

New Lecturer in Biotechnology

The Centre welcomes Dr Stephen Wallace, recently appointed Lecturer in Biotechnology in the School of Biological Sciences.

'Rising Star in Science’

Congratulations to Dr Patrick Cai, Chancellor’s Fellow and SynthSys PI, and founding co-director of the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, who was awarded the annual ‘Rising Star in Science’ award for his work on automation in DNA design and assembly and the synthetic yeast chromosome project.

Second Report: Provision of Biological Data Management systems

Practical evaluation of SEEK and OpenBIS for biological data management in SynthSys; second report.

Seminar - Christina Kiel, 24 Nov 2016

Dr Christina Kiel (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona)

Quantitative and systems analysis of RAS/MAPK signalling networks

Open Centre Meeting - 10 Nov 2016


"Transduction and modification of E. coli using a P1 phagemid injection system". - Dr Russell Brown (PDRA, Wang Group, Biological Sciences)

"Programming and reprogramming neural cell types using synthetic transcription factors" - Mantas Matjusaitis (PhD student, Pollard Group, Centre for Regenerative Medicine)