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2019 Synbitech

In late June, the Centre attended the first “SynbiTECH” synthetic biology industry conference in London’s QEII Conference Centre in Westminster.

The conference brought together several hundred academic researchers, industrialist and investors together to share opinions, insights and expertise. Along with the other five Synthetic Biology Research Centres, the UK Mammalian Synthetic Biology Research Centre had a stand during the event, enabling it to generate several new business leads.

Synthetic biology based products and services have generated a multi-million dollar industry and the UK is fast becoming one of the top global centres for synthetic biology based businesses. There was a tangible buzz to the event and great to see so many exciting new UK companies being showcased during the 2 day event.

Dr Jason Kelly, Founder of Boton-based Gingko Bioworks, set the tone for the event giving an inspiring talk on the power of synthetic biology and the incredible growth of this innovative company. Panel discussions on a wide variety of topics, were interspersed with Sessions showcasing a wide range of industry themes from food to fabrics, diagnostics to technology platforms.

Dr John Cumbers, the founder of the synbio network SynBioBeta, also attended to give his ‘state of the nation’ report and providing convincing evidence that there is only one direction for synbio industry – that’s upwards.

Sir David Willetts, arguably the architect of UK synbio investment, rounded off the meeting with a cry for continued funding so that the UK can continue to be a global leader in the field. 

We hope Mr Johnson is listening!

SynbiTECH 2020 will be held on July 1 and 2 in 2020.