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Flagship DNA facility sets sights on advances in science

Scientists are marking the opening of the first fully automated DNA production facility in the UK. The Edinburgh Genome Foundry will design, build and test large sections of DNA – the building blocks of life – using large-scale robotic processes.

SynBio Perspectives: Biosafety on earth and beyond - planetary protection policies, biotechnology and space synthetic biology

By Deborah Scott

In this post I briefly describe a new research project of mine that is related to the wide range of research underway in SynthSys. The project is one example of how a social scientist approaches research on synthetic biology.

The Human Genome Project Write - Comment

Professor Susan Rosser and Dr Patrick Cai are authors on a letter published in Science outlining an ambitious international project to reconstruct the human genome - badged the Human Genome Project - Write (HGP-Write).

Prestigious award for Sir Adrian Bird

Professor Sir Adrian Bird, a PI in the Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, has been awarded The Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine 2016.

Synthetic biology goes back to school

On March 8th 2016, Dr Meriem El Karoui had a great day with students at the James Gillespie High School in the City of Edinburgh discussing genetic engineering and synthetic biology.

£1.8M MRC award for improving iPSC technology

Dr Abdenour Soufi, a Chancellor’s Fellow, junior group leader at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM) and a member of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology has received a prestigious Medical Research Council (MRC) Career Development Award (

In the news

Dr Teuta Pilizota, a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University and a member of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, has been in the spotlight for her research on the biophysical properties of bacteria.

Teaching excellence recognised

Professor Jamie Davies, Professor of Exerimental Anatomy in the Centre for Integrative Physiology and a member of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, has been awarded the 2015 Kendell Award for Teaching in Medicine 2016 at the University of Edinburgh.

Wealth from waste innovation in awards line-up

Dr Matt Edmundson, a postdoc working in the lab of Dr Louise Horsfall, has had his entrepreneurial spirit recognised in being one of the finalists for the Innovation Cup in Edinburgh’s prestigious 2016 Inspire Launch Grow competition.

The SAW Trust inspires with science-art workshop

On April 20th, SynthSys hosted the SAW Trust to deliver a one-day training event for their innovative approach to teaching science to children using the power of words and pictures.