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Our Centre has a 9 year track record of multidisciplinary research in systems and synthetic biology and a community of more than 200 active researchers. We carry out research in the areas of industrial biotechnology, plant science, and medicine and healthcare.

Latest News

Optical density: the risks of making assumptions

With the surge of interest in antimicrobial resistance, microbial synthetic biology and biotechnology applications, optical density measurements - the standard way to estimate cell numbers in microbiology - are rapidly becoming automated and high throughput.

Better technique for probing RNA structure

Full length hammerhead ribozyme

Probing RNA structure using high-throughput sequencing could revolutionize our understanding of the role of RNA secondary structure in regulation of gene expression.

Staff Public Engagement Award

Congratulations to Dr Hannah Florance and Dr Gaynor Campbell, in the Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, for their staff award for public engagment in the School of Biological Sciences.