SynthSys Centre
Gene regulation

Glowing reporter gene images reveal dynamic gene regulation in plants. Image: B. Wenden.

Biological clocks

SynthSys research links daily rhythms in algae and red blood cells. Image: B. Halliday, process.

Plant gene expression

Quantitative data links regulation within cells to the behaviour of the organism. Image: L.E. Dixon.

Mathematical modelling

SynthSys groups use formal models to understand complex biology.

CH Waddington Building

The CH Waddington building was officially inaugurated in 2009. Image: J. Pelan

HRH Visit


Hosting the Duke of Edinburgh's Visit to the University - October 2010. Image: D. Robertson

SynthSys Laboratory

The SynthSys laboratories house a diverse group of researchers. Image: A. Lee

Kinetic Parameter Facility (KPF)

Our Mass Spectrometry technology is state of the art

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