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Our Centre has a 9 year track record of multidisciplinary research in systems and synthetic biology and a community of more than 200 active researchers. We carry out research in the areas of industrial biotechnology, plant science, and medicine and healthcare.

Latest News

Detecting the collapse of cooperation

The sustainability of biological, social, economic and ecological communities is often determined by the outcome of social conflicts between cooperative and selfish individuals (aka ‘cheaters’).

How bacteria cope with (osmotic) shock

Research from the lab of Dr Teuta Pilizota has elucidated how bacteria manage to stay in control of their pressure and cell volume when placed in environments with low osmolarity.

Transatlantic award to create eukaryotic cellular model

Prof. Andrew Goryachev of SynthSys has received a Bilateral NSF-Bio/BBSRC award, which is specifically designed to fund bilateral collaborations between the UK and USA scientists.