Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology

Our Centre

Our Centre has a 13-year track record of multidisciplinary research in systems and synthetic biology and a community of more than 200 active researchers. We carry out research in the areas of industrial biotechnology, plant science, and medicine and healthcare.

About Us

SynthSys is a virtual centre, embracing an extensive community of more than 200 researchers distributed across the University. Our research is broad and deep, addressing a diversity of scientific questions with wide ranging impacts. We carry out research in the areas of industrial biotechnology (including bioremediation and biofuels), plant science and medicine and healthcare. You can read more about our Centre here.

In October 2015, we opened a newly refurbished building as the physical hub for our new UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology funded by the BBSRC/EPSRC/MRC as part of the UK Research Councils' Synthetic Biology for Growth programme.



Latest News

Harnessing nature’s protein glue could aid medicine and industry

A new protein production technique could speed up vaccine development and lead to high-tech synthetic fabrics and materials.

Supergen Bioenergy Hub

The University of Edinburgh has officially become a member of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub which works with academia, industry, government and societal stakeholders to develop sustainable bioenergy systems that support the UK’s transition to an affordable, resilient, low-carbon energy future.

Naked Scientist - Making mini kidneys

Professor Jamie Davies went native with the Naked Scientist podcasters to discuss his work using stem cells to create kidney organoids.