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SynthSys Seminar - Prof Martha Clokie on 9 Nov 2017

The dynamics of bacteriophages associated with gut microbiota
Martha Clokie (University of Leicester)

We are increasingly aware of the natural roles that bacteriophages have in the way in which they of modify the behavior and composition of pathogenic bacteria associated with humans.  There is also significant current interest in terms of how we could exploit bacteriophages to treat bacterial diseases, by removing specific pathogens through phage therapy.  To advance phage therapy, it is key that we understand the natural roles of phages, and how any phages used in treatment would impact the existing microbiota.  I have worked on Clostridium difficile phages for around a decade and will give insights largely from this body of work on how they impact both this bacterium in a range of model systems, and how they impact other bacterial species. 
Time: 12noon, Thursday 9th November
Venue: Swann Building Seminar room 7.20, Kings Buildings
Host: Baojun Wang