Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology


Open Centre Meeting - 17 May 2018

‘My experience in ICURe - World’s Top 1 Business Incubator’     
Dr Maryia Trubitsyna (Research Associate, Rosser Group, Biological Sciences)
The Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol: an update on international negotiations relevant to synthetic biology’
Dr Deborah Scott (Research Fellow, Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)

SynthSys Seminar - Anne Osbourn on 15 May 2018

Plant Metabolic Clusters – From Genetics to Genomics
Anne Osbourn, John Innes Centre, UK

Open Centre Meeting - 3 May 2018

Programming Biology: Computing with DNA and Patterning with Synthetic Gene Circuits’
Neil Dalchau   (Biological Computation research group - Microsoft Research Cambridge)
‘Innovate UK’
Gordon Ford (‎Innovation Lead - Biomedical Enabling Technologies - ‎Innovate UK)

SynthSys seminar - Chris Howe on 19 April 2018

Manipulating algae and plants for direct electricity production
Chris Howe, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

SynthSys Seminar - Chris Barnes on 12 April 2018

Controlling synthetic biological systems at the plasmid and population level
Chris Barnes (UCL)

Open Centre Meeting - 5 April 2018

Identification of key effectors that dictate MRSA virulence
Stuart McKellar (PhD student, Granneman Lab, School of Biological Sciences)
Robustness of microtubule cytoskeleton self-organization in Drosophila epithelia
Dr Lyuba Chumakova (Research Fellow, School of Mathematics)

SynthSys Seminar - Carmen Manas on 5 Apr 2018

Synthetic adhesins to target engineered E. coli to human tumors expressing EGFR and importance of flagella in adhesion
Carmen Manas (Spanish National Center for Biotechnology)

Open Centre Meeting - 22 March 2018

Genetic Therapies from Synthetic Biology
Dr Ralph Hector  (Research Fellow, Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain (SIDB), The Patrick Wild Centre, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)
Technology Transfer - support for commercialisation of Intellectual property
Dr Shona Cunningham (Technology Transfer Manager, Edinburgh Innovations Ltd, University of Edinburgh)

Synthsys Seminar - Prof Karsten Kruse on 22 Mar 2018

Signal transduction by the conventional Protein Kinase Cα
Prof Karsten Kruse (University of Geneva)

Open Centre Meeting - 8 March 2018

CRISPR-Cas9 P1 Phagemid Enabling Sequence-Specific Killing of E. coli K12 and S. flexneri 2a
Russell Brown (PDRA, Wang Lab, School of Biological Sciences)
Digital Manufacturing: both hype and reality
Andrew Sherlock (Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor: School of Engineering)