Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology


Open Centre Meeting - 6 Dec 2018

Alexander Speakman (PhD student, Dunn Group, Institute for Bioengineering) –
‘Re-engineering of rat stem cells to investigate vitamin-C mediated culture improvements’
Dr Andrew Watkins (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies) –
‘Using mammalian synthetic biology for enhanced processes and products: what do companies need?’

Open Centre Meeting - 22 Nov 2018

Michael Chen (Lecturer in Chemical Engineering) – ‘Nanotechnologies for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems’

Maddy Seale (PDRA, Nakayama Group, Biological Sciences) – ‘The structure and function of dandelion seeds’

Open Centre Meeting - 8 Nov 2018

Dr Grzegorz Kudla (Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, MRC Human Genetics Unit) -  ‘toxic mRNAs in bacteria’

Dr Tony Ly (Sir Henry Dale Fellow, School of Biological Sciences) -  ‘Proteomic characterisation of cell state transitions’

SynthSys Seminar - Shimshon Belkin on 29 Nov 2018

Bacterial bioreporters for the remote detection of buried landmines
Shimshon Belkin (Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

SynthSys Seminar - Ivan Matic on 15 Nov 2018

Transcription-translation coupling: The Achilles’ heel of the bacterial chromosome 
 Ivan Matic (Inserm,  Paris Descartes University)

SynthSys Seminar - Alma dal Co on 1 Nov 2018

Bacteria live in a small world: how local cell-to-cell interactions drive community-level dynamics 
Alma dal Co (Martin Ackermann lab, ETH Zurich)

Open Centre Meeting - 25 Oct 2018

Linus Schumacher (Computational Biologist Chancellor’s Fellow, Centre for Regenerative Medicine) - ‘Computational modelling of cell populations in development & regeneration’
Ben Goddard  (Lecturer, School of Mathematics) - 'Complex Multiscale Modelling'         

SynthSys Seminar - Lucia Marucci on 11 Oct 2018

Modelling and engineering dynamic regulations in stem cells
Dr Lucia Marucci (Bristol Centre for Synthetic Biology (BrisSynBio); University of Bristol)

Open Centre Meeting - 11 Oct 2018

iGEM UG team  - 'Maxed OOT: A safe and minimalistic chassis for future use in synthetic biology' 
Andrew Burd (Consultant in Synthetic Biology to Hanson Robotics) - ‘Synthetic Biology or the Synthesis of Biology - who dares to dream?’

SynthSys Seminar - George Espie on 28 Sept 2018

The flux of carbon through the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism
George S Espie (Department of Biology, University of Toronto, Canada)