Innovating research, policy and education in synthetic and systems biology


Guest SynthSys Seminar - Jose Utrilla on 22 June 2018

Engineering bacterial proteome allocation using regulatory strategies for an improved integration of synthetic circuits
Dr José Utrilla (Assistant Professor in Systems and Synthetic Biology Group Center for Genomic Sciences - UNAM)

SynthSys Seminar - Diego di Bernardo on 21 June 2018

Cybergenetics: interfacing biomolecular circuits with computers to control gene expression and signalling pathways in living cells
Dr Diego di Bernardo (University of Naples)

Open Centre Meeting - 21 June 2018

“In vitro reconstitution: building up chromosome segregation” 
Dr Julie Welburn (Senior Research Fellow, Biological Sciences)
“Manufactured Tissue Engineered Scaffolds for Treatments of Liver and Kidney Disease using Synthetic and Natural Approaches”  
Dr Anthony Callanan (Lecturer, Institute for Bioengineering)

Special SynthSys Seminar - Pramod P. Wangikar on 14 June 2018

Development of cyanobacterial strains for the future biorefineries
Pramod P. Wangikar (Professor of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Open Centre Meeting - 7 June 2018

SynthSys: Current activity and Future direction
Dr Meriem el Karoui (Centre Director)
Public Engagement: Opportunities and Support
Dr Janet Paterson (Public Engagement Manager, School of Biological Sciences)

SynthSys Seminar - Simon Moore on 7 June 2018

Cell-Free Transcription, Translation and Biosynthesis 
Simon J Moore (Imperial College London)

Open Centre Meeting - 17 May 2018

‘My experience in ICURe - World’s Top 1 Business Incubator’     
Dr Maryia Trubitsyna (Research Associate, Rosser Group, Biological Sciences)
The Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol: an update on international negotiations relevant to synthetic biology’
Dr Deborah Scott (Research Fellow, Science, Technology & Innovation Studies)

SynthSys Seminar - Anne Osbourn on 15 May 2018

Plant Metabolic Clusters – From Genetics to Genomics
Anne Osbourn, John Innes Centre, UK

Open Centre Meeting - 3 May 2018

Programming Biology: Computing with DNA and Patterning with Synthetic Gene Circuits’
Neil Dalchau   (Biological Computation research group - Microsoft Research Cambridge)
‘Innovate UK’
Gordon Ford (‎Innovation Lead - Biomedical Enabling Technologies - ‎Innovate UK)

SynthSys seminar - Chris Howe on 19 April 2018

Manipulating algae and plants for direct electricity production
Chris Howe, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge