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SynthSys Seminar - Dr Samantha Millar on 14 Sept 2017

The MscS bacterial mechanosensitive channel family
Samantha Miller (University of Aberdeen)

SynthSys Seminar series

We are delighted to announce our programme for Sept - Dec 2017


Open Centre Meeting - 29 June 2017

Talks by

Peter Reid (Peter Reid (Planning & Communications Project Manager, College Engagement Team)
Grant applications and public engagement
Tilo Kunath (Chancellor's Fellow, School of Biological Sciences)
Next-generation cell therapies for Parkinson’s disease

Seminar - Francesca Cesari on 27 June 2017

Science publishing - behind the scenes at Nature
Francesca Cesari
Chief Biological Sciences Editor at Nature

Seminar - Victor de Lorenzo on 22 June 2017

What transcriptional noise tells us about the cell inside

Professor Víctor de Lorenzo
National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid

Open Centre Meeting - 15 June 2017

Talks by

Elisa Pesenti  (PDRA, Earnshaw Group School of Biological Sciences) -
Using synthetic chromosomes to study centromere epigenetics in human cells
Rosalind Allen (Lecturer, School of Physics) -
Growing bacteria in small microfluidic droplets

Seminar - Jean-Baptiste Lugagne.on 7 June 2017

Real-time control of a genetic toggle switch

Jean-Baptiste Lugagne
CRI, Paris

Open Centre Meeting - 1st June 2017

Talks by

Dirk Kleinjan (PDRA, Rosser group, School of Biological Sciences) -

'Drug-tunable multi-directional Synthetic Gene Control using Inducible Degron-tagged dCas9 Effectors'

Sara Buonomo (Lecturer of Epigenetics, School of Biological Sciences) -

'The late identity'

Seminar - Thomas Howard on 25th May 2017

Navigating biological complexity: application of design of experiments methodology to metabolic engineering and synthetic gene networks.

Thomas Howard
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Newcastle University.

Open Centre Meeting - 4th May 2017


Eric Thorand (Nakayama & Pilizota Groups, Biological Sciences) - Microfluidic platform for mechano-chemical investigations of single plant cells
Dr Susie Sou (Rosser Group, Biological Sciences) - CRISPR-Cas based synthetic transcription factors: A strategy for improving bioproduction in CHO cells