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Science as Muse

What happens when a leading scientist visits a group of first year illustration students at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)? The birth of a new field where the scientist becomes the muse. 

Mammalian synthetic biology comes of age

Mammalian synthetic biology will make a huge impact on medicine and healthcare if just a fraction of the many exciting projects discussed at the 5th Annual Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop in Boston (May 5 and 6) come to fruition.

SAW Trust inspires again

The SAW Trust were back in Edinburgh on May 3 to deliver what was their third successful training day in science communication. 

Professor Susan Rosser awarded Royal Academy of Engineering’s Chair in Emerging Technologies

Susan Rosser, Professor of Synthetic Biology, is the recipient of a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering’s Chair in Emerging Technologies scheme.

International workshop to discuss unmet needs in ‘design-build-test’ for synbio

In little over a decade, synthetic biology has evolved from demonstrating proof-of-concept gene circuits in bacteria to developing a new class of therapeutic devices (theranostics).

Tapping bacterial survival strategies for ocean navigation

Funding to understand how bacteria swim to stay alive could lead to the development of bacterial ‘biosensors’ to help the U.S. Navy navigate at sea.

New user-friendly DNA assembly toolkit

The development of a more versatile, simple and efficient DNA assembly kit will offer researchers unlimited ways of building complex molecular constructs by combining different DNA parts.

Painting with light-powered bacteria

Dr Teuta Pilizota, a PI in the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, is part of a research team who have used genetically modified bacteria to produce light-induced patterns as a potential route for engineering smart materials.

Crossing Kingdoms and Disciplines: Living Art at SynthSys

For two weeks in January 2018, SynthSys and Science Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) jointly hosted pioneering biological artists Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts and Tarsh Bates from SymbioticA: the Centre of Excel

Should vegans eat yeast?

Bigbang weekend flier

SynthSys social scientist, Dr Erika Szymanski, wowed the audience at the Big Bang Weekend in Wigtown with a sparkling presentation on yeast.