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Inside the Black Box: Heterogeneity, modelling and healthcare

Black box exhibit

Luis Montano, a Wellcome Trust funded PhD student in the lab of Professor Peter Swain, developed an interactive exhibit for the Future Health Hackathon in Edinburgh. Here he explains the thinking behind the exhibit.


Engineering eco-evolutionary feedbacks with synbio

Cells can cooperate and cheat and researches at SynthSys have shown that synthetic biology can be used to test novel hypothesis on the way cellular cooperation is preserved. 

Award to enable scale-up of valuable blue dye

dried spirulina powder

The ability to mass produce a high-value natural blue dye for use in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries is being developed with help from SynthSys researchers, Drs Baojun Wang and Alistair McCormick, in a partnership with Scottish Bioenergy.

Delivering Impact with Industrial Biotech: Conference 2017

marcu standing by his poster

Ambitiously entitled 'Delivering Impact', the third Annual Conference of the Industrial Biotech Innovation Centre (IBioIC) attracted over 400 delegates over two days in late January.

Engineering Rubisco to increase plant productivity

Arabidopsis plants

Generating new crop varieties with increased yields is critical for safeguarding future food security. One of the key limiting factors for productivity is the poor efficiency of the photosynthetic enzyme, Rubisco, which is responsible for net CO2 uptake in all plants.

Optical density: the risks of making assumptions

With the surge of interest in antimicrobial resistance, microbial synthetic biology and biotechnology applications, optical density measurements - the standard way to estimate cell numbers in microbiology - are rapidly becoming automated and high throughput.

Better technique for probing RNA structure

Full length hammerhead ribozyme

Probing RNA structure using high-throughput sequencing could revolutionize our understanding of the role of RNA secondary structure in regulation of gene expression.

Staff Public Engagement Award

Congratulations to Dr Hannah Florance and Dr Gaynor Campbell, in the Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, for their staff award for public engagment in the School of Biological Sciences.

Big promises from micro technologies – MicroTas2016 Report

Microfluidics is moving mainstream and with such a wide variety of potential application is the perfect research tool for synthetic and systems biology.

Foundry establishes Executive Board

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry specialises in the assembly of large DNA fragments, using a highly automated platform.